Monday, April 26, 2010

5 minutes

I'm sitting on a sandy beach. It's not quite warm but it feels nice when the sun hits. In the distance I can see Tom walking with Olive taking her to the ocean to dip her feet. I resist every urge to run over and tell him that it is too cold. Instead I sit, I watch and I remember.
I am 10, standing on a balcony overlooking the sea. I see myself, I had a thick and uneven fringe. My mum comes out to join me. She pulls me into her. She has the sides of her held back with tortoiseshell comb grips and she is beautiful.
I see myself in Spain. It is dark and I can hear the sound of the sea inbetween the jukebox switching records. I turn and see a table littered with empty bottles and shot glasses and three people laughing at something that none of us will remember but all of us will never forget.
I am wrapped up, holding hands, mind full, mouth shut, just married.

He has her feet in the water and she is fearless, laughing as he dips her in and out. My heart is so full it hurts my throat.

I think I get it.


  1. First, Spain! Way more exotic than the freezing Oregon coast.

    But maybe Oregon would seem exotic to someone in Spain?

    I love good childhood memories that we keep locked in our minds forever!

  2. Ha! Actually it was the Oregon coast. The Spain reference was another memory of old. I just had a moment this weekend where i knew what would keep me warm at the end of days.

  3. You are a beautiful writer. This made me think back on my life and the memories that mean so much more than anything else. Family and love and the experiences that come from those things are what will and do make the biggest difference as far as happiness is concerned. This was a beautiful reminder. There is something magical (if thats not too cheesy of a word) about those moments in life when everything feels perfect. They don't come to us often enough.

  4. I love the sound of a jukebox skipping records, and Cotton Eyed Joe, on repeat xx

  5. Beautifully written! What a glorious pair of memories. Water is so truly amazing, isn't it?

  6. Joey,

    Your post encapsulates the beauty of writing and why I made the decision to make my thoughts available to the public.

    There are so many moments in life that I never want to fade.

    We are lucky that we have the ability to capture them so they stay eternal!

  7. Yes my sister. You get it. You will now and forever more get it. It will never ever go away.
    This is the genuine love of a mother for a child and the genuine love of your husband.
    Thanks for getting it.
    Love you.

  8. Paula, this is some seriously lovely writing. The play of your dual roles all woven together with such strong emotion - I love this post!

  9. I love your writing! I love this post. I'm inspired to do some more serious momoirs on my blog.


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