Monday, October 5, 2009

Dog eat Dog...

The other day a woman with a dog passed Olive and I as we were out on a walk. The dog bounded over and began to lick her hand and mount her stroller. I looked over at the owner who only seemed to care for her dog's safety. "Good girl" she her dog. She came closer to her unleashed pet, peered in at Olive but didn't offer anymore than a stroke to her dog's flea ridden mop. She and I were a foot away. I smiled and moved the stroller a little. She ignored me and looked at the mutt. The dog jumped up again and licked Olivia's hands some more. Now, who wants a stinky dog's mouth on your daughter's hands when her fingers live in her mouth and the dog's tongue lives in it's butt?
The sour faced woman commented "That baby needs a dog. "
I smiled. She didn't.
The women continued, "May i suggest the humane society?"

Now...can you imagine if I walked up to the dog and allowed Olivia to pinch it and pull at it's fur? Then perhaps suggested "That dog needs a child. May I suggest the orphanage?"
Now, i'm not a dog person (since our dog was run over by the lie) but that would be weird, right?


  1. I wish you had suggested that to her...funny and gross story. Following :)

  2. darn - i had previously added a scathing diatribe for this uncouth dog owner... not sure what happened to it. Long story short (coming from a dog lover and someone who owned a dog walking/pet sitting company). This person should be hung up by the heals for giving dog people such a bad name. You are way more patient than I would have been.

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. Hilarious! And how rude! I'm following from the MBC. You can find me at


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